Aggie Weston

Aggie Weston's is here to help serving sailors, marines and their families. We have people at bases around the country who can offer one to one support. We also provide social opportunities and activities where friendships may be formed.

Pastoral Workers

Our Pastoral Workers help service personnel and their families, both in establishments and in the service community. They work closely with the Naval Chaplaincy Service to provide much needed support . Often they run a coffee bar or similar facility, an Aggies “home from home”. Click here to find out where our Pastoral Workers are located.


Braeholm, our family and accommodation centre, is located in Helensburgh, 8 miles from the Clyde Naval Base at Faslane. Braeholm provides quality 3* bed and breakfast accommodation (16 ensuite bedrooms) . There is also a bustling coffee shop which serves light lunches, a gym and a sauna. Click here for more details.


Champions clubs run from St Mary's Church Hall in Rowner Gosport. Champions provides support to the community,helping service children and families overcome the feelings of isolation and loneliness often experienced on moving to a new area far away from friends and family. Click here for further details.