How We Help

Our Mission 

To be a friend for Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families.

By its nature, naval life increases the risk of loneliness and isolation. Service personnel are usually geographically separated from the family and friendship network that most civilians have to support them. And when a couple chooses to settle in a Base Port area, the non-serving partner can easily become isolated during deployments. We are about helping the naval community live contented and fulfilling lives.

Pastoral Support and Practical Projects 

Our Pastoral Workers are here to listen, encourage, comfort and support; to provide practical help where appropriate and to signpost on to other more specialist organisations if necessary.

Our practical work is an obvious manifestation of a desire to serve our community. However, it also places our Pastoral Workers amongst the service community. By getting to know people, and by being helpful, non-judgemental and trustworthy, our Pastoral Workers will be making themselves more accessible and approachable.