'Welcome to Scotland' Package

‘Welcome to Scotland’ is a project that provides support and advice for families who are deciding to relocate to Scotland after the serving member has been assigned to the area.

The Offer

Aggie Weston’s will provide a free two night stay in Bed and Breakfast accommodation in the Helensburgh area for an RN or RM family; if the serving member of the family has been assigned to HMNB Clyde.

Every effort will be made to arrange the stay in a B&B facility selected to provide a friendly, homely and welcoming introduction to the region.

The offer does not include transport or meals (other than breakfast).

Optimising the Benefit

The ‘Welcome to Scotland’ stay will seek to take a proactive approach to encourage families to seriously consider relocation. Aggie Weston’s will coordinate visits, and liaise with representatives from HMNB Clyde and Argyll and Bute Council. This will ensure that the families optimise their stay in Helensburgh and see all of the facilities available on the Base and locally (SFA, schools, Jobcentre Plus etc).

Increased Take Up

In the event that the improved and more proactive nature of the offer leads to an increase in uptake, Aggie Weston’s will reserve the right to work with the COB Staff to optimise the use of financial resource allocated to the project. For example, it may be that use of Base short term let facilities could provide a more cost effective option if the demand significantly exceeds the availability.

To take up the offer

Personnel wishing to take up this offer should fill in the form below, or email

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Name of Serving Person
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Date of Assignment to Faslane
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Preferred date of visit to Helensburgh
We will endeavour to include an introduction to the relevant facilities, agencies and authorities during the course of your stay. This will generally include visits to the Base and to the relevant Service Family Accommodation estates. Please indicate other issues which have relevance to your situation (please tick): *
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