Pastoral Workers

Aggie’s Pastoral Workers are based in and around various Royal Navy and Royal Marines establishments across the UK, and generally work in close collaboration with the Naval Chaplaincy Service. Their primary role is to provide ‘pastoral support’ – by which we mean that they are there to listen to you when you need to talk, to encourage, comfort and support. They will also have knowledge of where specialist advice is available should you need it.

Practical Activity

Pastoral Workers are also engaged in helpful practical tasks. Often they will be running the Chaplaincy Coffee Bar (normally called 'The Haven') which is designed to be “a home from home”. Facilities can include TV, internet access, games and pool table. All however have good coffee and comfy chairs. 

They may be serving bacon butties, or running a crèche, toddlers’ group or partners social event. Some regular favourite events include Charity Tuesday Bacon Butties at HMS Collingwood, Coffee and Chat in Arbroath, Craft Night at CTCRM, and The Big Night In at RNAS Yeovilton.  

Whatever they are doing, they are doing it to help make the lives of serving members of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines, or their families, a little bit better. By being engaged in these practical activities they are placing themselves at the heart of our naval community, so they can be available with time to provide a listening ear if you ever need one.

If you would like some more information or would like to get in touch with your local Pastoral Worker, contact us. You can find out who your local Pastoral Worker is here