New Team Member for HMNB Clyde

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Cosy Coffee Shop Welcomes Samantha Davies to the team.

In November 2017 Jan Brennan and the team at the Cosy Coffee house in Helensburgh welcomed Samantha Davies to the Team.    

We asked Sam to tell us a bit about her 'life before Aggies':

"For 20 years I trained and practiced as a Radiographer. Firstly in Plymouth then Southampton. The role eventually took me to the Medical Centre at HMS Neptune.  This career gave me the opportunity to interact with people of all ages, putting them at ease in stressful circumstances.  In 2006 I attended an Alpha Course at the Chaplaincy on Base. The course led me to a committed Christian Life and serving in a healing ministry.  
After taking time out to raise our three boys, I realised I needed a fresh challenge, so I started to volunteer with Aggies at the Cosy Coffee house.   
I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to become a member of the wider Aggie's team.  I believe the role will give my caring nature an outlet and being a submariner's wife I will be able to help with the influx of new families arriving at the base from Plymouth. 
It is a privilege to serve in this listening ministry, where others trust you to share their problems.  I am looking forward to reaching out to more forces families in the area and seeing how I can continue to group the reach of Aggie Weston's"

Everyone at Aggies wishes Samantha all the best at the Cosy Coffee House and beyond!

Aggie Westons at HMS Collingwood - raising money for WRNS BT

Today, 7 December, Aggie Pastoral Workers at HMS Collingwood will be hosting a cake sale in aid of the WRNS BT.

Over the last two weeks the team at HMS Collingwood have raised £345 from Bacon Butty sales on a Tuesday morning.

Today the team had the delight of handing over a cheque to the WRNS BT to help them continue their vital work supporting their members and dependents who are in distress.

Well done to Kathy and Glynn Aggie Weston Pastoral Workers at HMS Collingwood for raising such a fabulous amount.

Egss have arrived at HMS Nelson Bacon Butty Morning!

Eggs have arrived at the HMS Nelson Bacon, or should that be Bacon and Egg, morning reports Aggie Weston's Pastoral Worker Vicky Bell.  

The Tuesday bacon butty morning at the Haven in Rodney Block on HMS Nelson has grown in popularity over the last few months and Vicky and the team wanted to make sure that everyone enjoyed it so have introduced eggs for non bacon eaters!

Vicky said "We have been doing these for the last 3/4 weeks and they have really taken off. We have experimented with how to serve the egg and even though they aren't that beautiful it's lets messy if the yoke is a little more cooked!

We did have a bit of a bumpy start when the grill that had been ordered to cook them on  turned up as a Garden Kneeler....a deluxe model but still no use for frying eggs on! But after a bit of team work a couple hours later the hob and frying pan arrived and the first eggs were served!"

Aggie's raises money for the Scottich Network for Arthritis in Children

On Friday 1st December, Aggie Weston's Pastoral Workers,Jan Brennan and Samantha Davies, hosted a coffee morning and craft fair at Cosy Coffee.

The proceeds from the morning will be donated to the Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children (SNAC). SNAC is a charity close the hearts of our 'regulars' at the Cosy Coffee Shop, so what better way to kick off December than raising money for this wonderful charity.

Well done to Jan and Samantha for arranging the event and a big thank you to all the volunteers who kindly gave their time to help, the stall holders for coming along and for all those that came and donated to SNAC.

Storybook Waves Expands

It is with great delight that we can announce that the Aggie Weston's Practical Project 'Storybook Waves' has expanded.

Cadets and instructors based at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth will now be able to record bedtime stories for their children to listen to whilst they are separated.

Kathryn Hearn, Project Manager said:  'It is always a great pleasure to bring another recording centre online and giving new recruits to BRNC the opportunity to use our service when they first join the Royal Navy is priceless.  I would like to thank the Reverend Keith Robus at BRNC for helping to put this in place'.

The team at Storybook are looking forward to receiving the first set of recordings from BRNC in the new year.

Our Month from HMS Collingwood


This month has been very busy at the Haven at HMS Collingwood reports Aggie Weston's Pastoral Worker Glyn Hughes.

Tuesday morning's Bacon Rolls has continued to be very popular and lots of charities have benefited from the Morning with £300 being donated to the Royal British Legion, £495 to Combat Stress and £140 being sent to the daughter of a submariner.

We were honoured by the visit of The Bishop to the Fleet and he spent a good half hour finding out about our role as Aggies Pastoral workers, he very much enjoyed our space and was encouraged by a moral boosting footprint in Collingwood.

This week we will be focusing on raising money for WRNSBT tying in with their cake sale.

The Submarine 'Oscars'


Royal Navy rolls out carpet for Faslane’s first “Submarine Oscars”.


HM Naval Base Clyde rolled out the red carpet recently for their first ever “Submarine Oscars”.

Aggie Weston's Pastoral Worker Jan Brennan recently attended the award ceremony which saw 12 trophies presented including the prestigious Conqueror Trophy which is given to the submarine crews which have best demonstrated operational excellence.

Four of our ladies from 'cosy coffee' each received an award for the contribution to the local Naval community.

The celebration was sponsored by the British Forces Foundation, Babcock, Rolls Royce and the Gosling Foundation.

New Pastoral Worker Joins Aggie Westons at Bickleigh

Brian Green

Brian Green

At the beginning of October, Brian Green joined Christopher Philips at RM Bickleigh to expand the Aggie Weston's team at the barracks.

Having left the RM environment 28 years ago Brian is quickly settling into his new role as Aggie Weston's Pastoral Worker and is enjoying meeting serving personnel and getting to know the team in the Chaplaincy. 

Brian and Chris are currently working very hard to create a lounge area at RM Bickleigh.

The new lounge area will give all serving personnel a place to relax and take a break.  Work is slow going but the Aggie's team is determined to provide a safe and relaxing place.

Everyone at Aggie Weston's warmly welcomes Brian to the team and prays for Brian and Chris as they work to establish the new lounge





News from HMS Collingwood

The Haven at HMS Collingwood is one of our busiest coffee bars, with new recruits enjoying the facilities daily and joining Kathy and Glynn every Tuesday for Bacon Butties. 

Here Kathy Smith tells us about her very busy time in the coffee bar:

On the 28th September we ran our annual MacMillan coffee morning cake sale. 

It is always a popular event in the coffee bar and this year was no exception.  I was over whelmed by the help and support I received from two of the ex Navy ladies that had spent time working in the coffee bar in their run up to leaving the Navy.

One lady now works as an instructor at HMS Collingwood and rallied her colleagues to make cakes to sell as well as baking many herself; the other lady contacted me to say she had a free day and would I like some help as well as making her legendary cheese cake. 

I feel privileged to have been able tosupported these ladies along with my other PW colleagues during a big time of change in their lives and I think their support at the charity cake sale shows that they really appreciated all that the Aggies Pastoral workers have done for them. 

So far the total raised for MacMillan is over £160 so all in all a very successful day.

Storybook Waves on Board HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth Copyright ©UK MOD CROWN COPYRIGHT, 2016                                                          

HMS Queen Elizabeth Copyright ©UK MOD CROWN COPYRIGHT, 2016                                                          

Storybook Waves visited HMS Queen Elizabeth today and delivered a Storybook Waves recording Kit on-board.

Based with the Chaplain, Reverend Alastair Mansfield the new kit will allow personnel serving away from their families to record bedtime stories for their children to listen to whilst they are separated.

Kathryn Hearn, Project Manager said 'We have already had a number of enquiries from families with loved ones on-board HMS Queen Elizabeth and I am delighted that we are now able to offer this service to families that are separated, we are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the new carrier'.

For more information on Aggie Weston's Storybook Waves visit or contact


Families enjoy their day at CTCRM, Lympstone

Families of those serving at CTCRM Lympstone were treating to a day of fun this weekend, as the training establishment opened its doors for the annual Families Day.

Hundreds of families associated with CTCRM flocked to Lympstone to enjoy a zip wire, zorbing and many more attractions including the cake stand manned by Aggie Weston's Pastoral Workers; Zena, Vicky and Abi.

The families all had a great day and are looking forward to next year's fun already!

Storybook Waves Book Clubs secure funding

A new initiative by the Aggie Weston’s Storybook Waves project has secured funding from the Annington Trust of over £40,000 for the next three years.  Launching at the end of September 2017, the ‘Storybook Waves Book Club in a Box’ initiative seeks to relieve the anxiety of separation that families experience by connecting them through books and a nationwide network of Book Clubs. 
Held in community houses at 21 base port areas, the Book Clubs will generally be hosted by Aggie Weston’s Pastoral Workers and will run monthly during term time.  Aimed primarily at families of deployed personnel, The Book Clubs will seek to bring families together for fun-filled activity sessions based around the theme of a popular children’s book.  While children play, parents can socialise and Pastoral Workers will be on hand to provide support and a listening ear to anyone struggling with the challenges that deployment can bring. 
Project Manager, Kathryn Hearn, commented: “I am absolutely thrilled that the Annington Trust has provided such a generous grant; the funds provided will enable us to deliver this exciting new Club.  We all know that deployments and weekending brings challenges for those left at home, it impacts family life and whilst most families cope very well sometimes additional support can be very welcome. The Storybook Waves Book Club In A Box aims to provide a slot in each month where parents and children can come together, mix with families in similar situations and build bonds, all whilst the children are entertained through the power of books.”
Reverend Paul Andrew, Chaplain RN said: “I am delighted to hear about the Storybook Waves Book Club In A Box. The idea that the families of deployed ships could be brought together in this new way, is in my mind really exciting. I can already see many benefits in bringing those isolated together, providing something unique.” 
"Aggie's Storybook Waves is a simple, thoughtful and sensitive way of bringing pleasure to the families of our sailors. These Book Clubs will help to reduce isolation, bring communities together and strengthen those vital support networks Service families deserve,” says Helen Liddell, Chair of the Annington Trust.  “We hope the Book Clubs will help build community cohesion within the ‘patch’ or amongst the deployed ship families.  Annington is proud to be supporting the Clubs.”

For more information about Storybook Waves please contact Kathryn Hearn on 0300 3020 183

For more information on the Annington Trust please visit