Aggies Pastoral Worker Becky Baird with the Chaplaincy team at HMS Sultan

Aggies Pastoral Worker Becky Baird with the Chaplaincy team at HMS Sultan

Personnel from across HMS Sultan came together recently for a sweet treat in support of The Leprosy Mission ‘Heal Nepal’.


A cake sale crammed full of delicious confectionary was held within the Establishment’s Chaplaincy during the Stand easy break between classes at the Royal Navy’s home of Marine and Air Engineering training.


The event was organised by Matthew Hibberd, the Establishment’s Public Relations Manager, with support on the day from Aggies Pastoral Workers.


Interserve Support Services employee, Matthew, heard about the work of The Leprosy Mission through a guest speaker at his church. He said: “I was really shocked by how leprosy continues to effect lives around the World today. There’s a lot of stigma around leprosy and it can quickly deprive sufferers of not only the ability to work and provide for their families, but it can also make them a social outcast.”


“Hearing about ‘Heal Nepal’ was really challenging as, although the country is well over 4,000 miles away, we have a fantastic group of Gurkhas serving within HMS Sultan who may have come from communities affected.”


“It’s actually relatively inexpensive to cure someone of leprosy and the fact that the government’s UK Aid Direct scheme will see the money raised doubled will enable even more people to be helped.”


With the Chaplaincy adding to the fundraiser from the Church of England fund and the Chaplaincy fund, the total raised was £734.73, with UK Aid taking it to a whopping £1469.46 for the Charity.

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