Storybook Waves to work with The Royal Navy & Royal Marine's Children's Fund

Zoe and the Time Rabbit by Sarah McMenemy

Zoe and the Time Rabbit by Sarah McMenemy

Aggie Weston’s have teamed up with The Royal Navy & Royal Marine’s Children’s Fund to send copies of “Zoe and the Time Rabbit” out to families participating in the Storybook Waves Project.

Storybook Waves is a FREE service that enables serving personnel to record bedtime stories for their children to listen to whilst they are separated. Every family benefiting from the project receives a special pack containing: the story their serving parent has recorded, a picture book to accompany the recording, an Aggies’ Mini Medal, Book Mark, Reading Force scrap and NOW a copy of Zoe and The Time Rabbit as well as an audio copy of the book for children to listen to at bedtime.

Storybook Waves Project Manager, Kathryn Hearn Said:

Storybook Waves is thrilled to be adding ‘Zoe and the Time Rabbit’ to the special pack our families receive. The book is beautifully written and illustrated and is an invaluable tool; helping children to understand the emotions they may have whilst their parent is serving away from home for long periods of time. We are looking forward to sending the book out to many families.

Clare Scherer, Director of The Children’s Fund says:

The Children’s Fund are delighted to be working with Storybook Waves which is a fantastic resource for our children and such a brilliant way for children and parents to share the joy of reading even whilst separated geographically.  We hope that Zoe and the Time Rabbit will reach many of our children and help them understand the feelings they experience when one of their parents is away for long periods of time.  We hope you all enjoy the story as much as we do.

To participate in the Storybook Waves project, serving parents should contact their local Aggie Weston’s Pastoral Worker through the Naval Chaplaincy Service. The project is completely FREE and available to all serving parents

The Royal Navy & Royal Marine’s Children’s Fund is the only charity dedicated to supporting children in times of crisis whose parents serve, or have served in the Naval Service. For more information on the support available please call The Children’s Fund head office on 023 9263 9536.