Ladies who know how to lunch

There is nothing nicer than getting together with a group of friends for lunch. It’s made all the more fun when it’s a themed lunch. Pastoral workers at The Condor, 45 Command, Arbroath had an ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ ladies lunch where dressing up was an option. Well Sue and Seonid were not going to miss the opportunity to become Patsy and Eddie for the day.

It’s surprising how many bad taste clothes we can have hidden in our wardrobes and this was a perfect opportunity to air them all together as some of the photos show

We had around 18 wives and girlfriends who attended the soup and sandwich lunch, but were kept entertained by a myriad of games designed to test their skills at working as a team. One of the games was building the most sturdy and largest building out of spaghetti and marshmallows. This isn’t an easy feat for anyone and there were some rather wobbly examples, but one team worked like designers and made a structure that would have rivalled the Forth Road Bridge! 

After a lovely lunch of lentil soup, mixed sandwiches and chocolate cake, we played spin the bottle, but not as you know it!

Seonid brought her collection of nail polishes, which number into the fifties, in every possible colour and each person had a colour that they had to paint on one nail of the person where the bottle landed. In the end there were a lot of women with 10 different nails, but who had enjoyed their Absolutely Fabulous lunch at the Haven.

We are busy organising the next one with more challenging games, a different theme and offering another opportunity for people to get together and enjoy themselves.