Annington Trust provide funding for a second year

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Aggies is very pleased to announce that the Storybook Waves ‘Book Club in a box’ initiative has received its second year of funding from the Annington Trust.

A grant of £14,815 has been paid to continue the work of the ‘Book Club in a box’ that is available at RNRM Welfare community centres and houses around the UK, as well as to ships and units upon deployment.

On receiving the funding Project Manager, Kathryn Hearn said “it is wonderful to have received such a generous grant. The grant will allow us to continue the work that the Storybook Waves ‘Book Club in a box’ has started; helping us to connect families and communities through books whilst bringing new naval families into the community centres and houses. I am excited to continue the project and look forward to working with Aggies Pastoral Workers to deliver the project’.

For more information on Storybook Waves ‘Book Club in a box’ project. Please contact Kathryn Hearn, Project Manager on 023 9265 050.