It's all go at RM Condor

Aggie’s Pastoral Workers Seonid Cunningham and Sue Christian have been very busy at RM Condor during the Autumn term, here Sue tells us what has been keeping them busy.

It has been a busy time foe the Aggies girls at the RM Condor in the past month or so. Beside our weekly Wigglers and attending coffee mornings, we have had our first Messy Church Event, Storybook Waves Bookclub and our BIG Aggies Bacon Butty.


Our Messy Church event was held on 16th October in the evening where a jacket potato dinner was followed by a harvest service for the families done by Seonid and Sue. Centring our message around the parable of the sower told in a family friendly way, all the craft and music followed this theme.

The families all made bird feeders made from ice cream cones and seed, iced gingerbread men making them farmer Joe or Josephine, and vegetable stamped an array of harvest fruit. It was colourful and truly messy!!!


Our Storybook Waves Bookclub continues to be well attended, especially with many of the marines deployed. Families look forward to their monthly story and games.


We held our big Aggies Bacon Butty on 24th October from 10am until 2pm. There were many bacon and sausage butties made by Seonid and Sue but our army off butty helpers made the day went like clockwork. There were eight helpers and we can’t thank them enough. It will be at least a month until we cook bacon again! However, we did raise £50.


Our Crochet Club has been busy and now has around nine committed crocheters making everything from reusable face wipes, unicorns, poppies and baby hats. Recently Sue and her band of crocheters are making time rabbits!!!!! A big thank you to Elizabeth for all of her help and skill. The group will carry on under its own steam in coming weeks.


Coming up we have our Poppy Waterfall for Remembrance Sunday, our Bring & Buy Sale and our Ladies Lunch. Amongst all these events, Sue and Seonid always have time to listen and have a cuppa with anyone in need.