Aggie's and The Ark Plymouth

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Photo left to right; Julie (Volunteer & Creche Worker) Fran, Jenn & Zoe - Aggies at the Ark Team!
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The long standing close collaboration between the Ark and Aggie’s has just got even closer as the Ark staff now join the Aggie’s Pastoral Worker Team.

Jenn, Fran and Zoe of The Ark are pictured sporting their new Aggies    t-shirts outside Widewell Primary Academy on the first morning of the new school term where Fran Anderson had kindly organised a 'Tea & Tissues' event for the school's new parents.

As well as tea and cake, the team served up support for the parents and the school; helping the new children line up for their class, supporting the brand new reception teacher, chatting to parents and selling second hand school uniform.

Fran Anderson commented 'We had quite a few new parents and some well known to us come into the hall to join us and who felt much better knowing their little 4 year olds had settled into starting 'big school' for the first time!'