Dame Agnes Westerner named as a 'Great Westener'

Dame Agnes Weston has been named by Historian Todd Gray as a potential contender for the title of 'Great Westerner'. 

The Plymouth Herald has teamed up with the train company GWR to find the top 100 Great Westerners,  "living or long gone, born in the region or residents". The top 50 of these will have one of the new GWR locomotives named after them.

Quoted in an article for the Plymouth Herald Todd says:

"Dame Aggie Weston is another extraordinary woman. She was based in Devonport and in the late 1800s established her Royal Sailors’ Rests in Devonport and Portsmouth. Weston was a great philanthropist and her work continues today."


Read more at http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/the-list-of-great-westerners-is-growing/story-30418877-detail/story.html#gO4DuMDaQQGom0xP.99