Storybook Waves

Henry Sibson

Henry Sibson

Last week Storybook Waves launched the second edition of the Aggies' Storybook Waves Hero medal.  

The second edition medal features a red ribbon and will be sent to children facing their second separation from a serving parent.

The Aggies' Storybook Waves Hero medal is sent out to each child participating in Storybook Waves along with the special story recorded by their serving parent, a Reading Force scrapbook, a Storybook Waves bookmark and a copy of the book being read.

The service is completely FREE and is available at shore side establishments across the UK, Bahrain and Oman as well as on-board many ships across the fleet.

The medals have been made possible by a generous grant from the Annington Trust.

For more information on Storybook Waves please contact Project Manager Kathryn Hearn on   0300 30 20 183