Aggies Storybook Waves Hero Medal - 2nd Edition

The second edition of the Aggies' Storybook Waves Hero medal is here!

Storybook Waves Project Manager Kathryn Hearn is pleased to announce the launch of the second editionAggies' Storybook Waves Hero Medal.

If your child received the first blue medal and a serving parent deploys again, they will receive the second edition medal with their next storybook recording.

At the time of the launch Kathryn said "I am very pleased and excited to be able to launch the second ribbon colour and I am looking forward to sending the new medals out to children who are facing their second deployment.  It is wonderful to be able to recognise the sacrifice that children make when a parent deploys.  I am looking forward to seeing photos of our service beneficiaries with their line of medals!  Who knows, some of them may get more than the serving parent!"

If you would like your child to receive an Aggies' Hero Medal pop along to your chaplaincy and record a Storybook Waves book with an Aggies Pastoral Worker.