Story Book Waves - an Aggies' Project

Storybook Waves is one of the practical projects that Aggie Weston's offers to sailors of the RN and RM (regular and reservist) and their families.

The service is based within the Chaplaincy, usually within the Haven and it is run by Aggie's Pastoral Workers.

Recording a story is a simple process, firstly you need to contact your local Aggie's Pastoral Worker (PW) to arrange a time to record a story. When you meet with the PW, you will be given a log sheet to complete (which are just all the details of the story, the child who is receiving the story and the address it needs to be sent to), after this you will have some time to select the book that you want to read to your child.

Then you read the story into a recorder, don’t worry if you make a mistake, our team of volunteer editors will edit those out for you. Just don’t forget; read as you would at home to your child, turn off your mobile phone, stop reading when you turn the page (we can’t edit out page turns if you are still reading) and ENJOY!   You can start and finish your story with a personal message for your child.

Once the story is recorded it is sent to Project Manager, Kathryn, at Storybook HQ and distributed to one of our Volunteer Editors for editing and return to HQ.

When the Story is sent back, the story is checked, put onto CD and your child’s pack is put together ready for posting.  From receipt of audio in storybook HQ to the day we send out the CD should be a maximum of 6 weeks.

If you would like to record a story or if you have any questions on the project please email