Aggies's Storybook Waves celebrates new funding from RNRMC

A generous grant from the RNRMC has helped to fund Storybook Waves.


Thanks to a generous grant from the RNRMC, the Aggies’ Storybook Waves project will be able to continue providing Serving Personnel with opportunity to record bedtime stories for their children to listen to whilst they are away.


The grant will partly fund the work of Project Manager, Kathryn Hearn, who is based in Portsmouth but co-ordinates the project at shore-side establishments across the UK and deployed kit worldwide. 


Kathryn said: ‘Storybook Waves helps serving parents maintain the vital link to their children whilst they are away from home. The bedtime stories can help with separation anxiety and often gives the parent who is at home a short break in the day. The grant that we have received from the RNRMC will ensure that we can continue to provide ths vital service free of charge to personnel, both regular and reservist and their families’.




“I don’t tend to use Facetime as they don’t really understand that I’m not there with them and we don’t have the bandwidth at sea. I also find it easier to mentally separate myself, so it’s really good that I have the opportunity to speak to them through a story they can connect with. They can listen to it whenever they feel sad or frustrated and it calms them down and helps them to cope with the separation.”


“I have recorded a Storybook for my son, and he listens to the current CD most nights at bedtime. It makes such a difference hearing Daddy’s voice every night. Since the latest CD arrived, he has been more chatty when I Skype, whereas before he would usually shy away.”

Royal Navy wife:

“I underestimated how amazing this wonderful service would be. The smiles on my children's faces when they heard their daddy were beautiful and I can't thank you enough for providing us with the fabulous books, recordings, activity charts and tiny medals. Thank you.”