Introducing our newest member to the Aggie's team

As the Aggie’s team continues to grow, we are pleased to introduce Seonid Cunningham, Pastoral Worker at Arbroath. Seonid has been based in Scotland for the past 2 months, and she tells us of her experience with Aggie’s so far, and how she is settling into her role.

"When this post came was like it had been tailor-made for me!" 

"When this post came was like it had been tailor-made for me!" 

“My experience so far has been a busy one, and I quickly found out how varied the remit of a Pastoral Worker can be! There are duties that range from counting cutlery to return to stores after our Harvest Thanksgiving Service, to sitting and listening when someone needs to offload. I also spend time organising Bacon Butty mornings for the lads, cuddling babies so their mums can get a well-earned cup of tea, travelling to Fort Blockhouse for training, and I’ve even dressed up as Santa's Elf at the Families Christmas Party. I have quickly learned that there is no such thing as a "typical day" in this job!  I have loved every minute so far and I'm so thankful to everyone for helping me settle in.”

“My Great Uncle was a Marine during WWII but the military has always been a presence in my life as my Father served in the RAF Regiment for 22 years and all of the family were involved in the local Air Training Corps squadron (as cadets and instructors).”

“I chose Aggie’s after a period of re-evaluating my life, and realised that my next step needed to be serving the church in some way.  When this post came up it seemed to fit me so well; it was like it had been tailor-made for me!  I have always enjoyed meeting new people and spending time building relationships with them so this seemed like the ideal job and I have never looked back!”

“I am looking forward to building relationships with the team I work with as well as the people we are here to serve; the Sailors, Marines and their families.  I look forward to being able to offer support wherever possible and bring the community together through events and activities.”