Dry January, Alcohol Concern, and Cutting Down Guide

Why did we at Aggie’s, want to get involved in Dry January this year, and what support is available if you are concerned about alcohol consumption?

As a charity, the support we provide is based upon the compassionate work that Dame Agnes began over 145 year ago. As part of her work, Aggie Weston joined the Royal Naval Temperance Society and was allowed to visit sailors on warships and talk to the crew to promote temperance. She opened temperance houses "bars without drink" near dockyard gates and bases. Many sailors took to the comfort of the coffee bars, as a comfortable place to rest from home, and they proved very popular.

Today, many of our pastoral workers are based in Haven’s at the chaplaincies which provide the same comfortable and relaxing environment, as a break from difficult training regimes, and away from alcohol.

We are delighted to promote the initiative of Dry January, not only to challenge ourselves, but to raise awareness of Alcohol Concern. We are aware that alcohol can play a central part of social life, especially in the Armed Forces. If you have ever been concerned about alcohol consumption, or are just interested in cutting back, the Royal Navy have produced a very helpful leaflet called ‘Cutting down: A guide to controlled drinking for the Armed Forces’. It contains information, with tools and exercises, about how to go about controlled drinking, whether to stop or cut back, and what is best for you.

An on-line version of the leaflet is available here.

For more information about Dry January, and Alcohol concern, follow the link to the website here.

Remember to always consult a GP or specialist before making changes to lifestyle and diet.