Aggies Storybook Waves Hero Medal - 2nd Edition

The second edition of the Aggies' Storybook Waves Hero medal is here!

Storybook Waves Project Manager Kathryn Hearn is pleased to announce the launch of the second editionAggies' Storybook Waves Hero Medal.

If your child received the first blue medal and a serving parent deploys again, they will receive the second edition medal with their next storybook recording.

At the time of the launch Kathryn said "I am very pleased and excited to be able to launch the second ribbon colour and I am looking forward to sending the new medals out to children who are facing their second deployment.  It is wonderful to be able to recognise the sacrifice that children make when a parent deploys.  I am looking forward to seeing photos of our service beneficiaries with their line of medals!  Who knows, some of them may get more than the serving parent!"

If you would like your child to receive an Aggies' Hero Medal pop along to your chaplaincy and record a Storybook Waves book with an Aggies Pastoral Worker.

New Pastoral Worker at HMS Sultan

Rebecca Baird

Rebecca Baird

Aggies' Director of Operations Theresa Pratt is delighted to announce the appointment of Rebecca Baird to the position of Pastoral Worker at HMS Sultan.

Rebecca joined Aggie's in 2012, at Champions as a Youth and Families' worker.  Rebecca has thoroughly enjoyed her first two weeks at HMS Sultan getting to know the Chaplaincy team, officers and new recruits in the Haven.  


When asked about her new role Rebecca said " I am thrilled with my new role as PW at HMS Sultan I am thoroughly enjoying it and I am looking forward to the challenges the new role brings".

To hear more about the work of Aggie's Pastoral workers visit the 'How We Help' section of the website.

The Ark - Plymouth

The Ark in Plymouth is one of the practical ways in which Aggies supports the families of those serving in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. 

The Ark is based at the Widewell estate in Plymouth and provides a number of project sessions each week.

The first adult learning session for sewing took place last week with 5 mums enjoying the new session and 4 children having fun in the crèche.  The sewing class takes place every Tuesday from 1300-1500hrs and whilst this session is currently full, you can pop along to the centre at Widewell every Wednesday from 0900-1500hrs for ageneral craft workshop.

Jenn and the team even offer a crèche, available by booking, to all centre users.

For more information or to book a place at the crèche please contact Jenn and the team through their Facebook page

The Fair in the Square - Helensburgh

On Saturday 10th June, the annual 'Fair in the Square' took place in Churchill Square, Helensburgh.

Aggies' Pastoral Worker Jan Mckerrow was at the fair with the Gruffalo, here's what Jan thought of the day:

"The day started wet and warm, but thankfully the rain eased and by lunchtime had cleared. Cosy Coffeehouse was kept busy with sit in as well as takeaway hot and cold drinks, and the lovely selection of cakes went down a treat.

The star of the day was young AB Jack Pickering, an admirer of the Gruffalo, who raised £30 from donations getting photographed with children and young families. A good time was has by all.

Many thanks to Nicola Trollope and Peter Brennan for all their help on the day."

Aggies would like to thank AB Pickering and everyone who donated to Aggies Storybook Waves during the day.

HMS Collingwood Field Gun


HMS Collingwood in Fareham opened its gates on Saturday for its annual Open Day. There were numerous events and stalls to entertain the public. However the highlight of the day was the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) Field Gun Competition. Teams from across the UK, from abroad and from HM Ships competed for the coveted Brickwood's Field Gun Trophy.

The competition is fast and furious and requires 18-man teams to run, dismantle, reassembled and fire the gun in the shortest possible time. Strength, stamina and team work are essential in this challenge.


This year’s competition winner was the team from REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers). No doubt the Royal Navy will be very keen to snatch the title back from the Army next year.

The Aggie’s team based in HMS Collingwood was exceptionally busy throughout the day, looking after our Sailors and chatting with the public. The Gruffalo was a very popular visitor to the Aggie’s stand and, whilst younger visitors were able to have their photo taken with the Gruffalo, their parents were able to talk with our Pastoral Workers about some of the projects run by the charity, including Story Book Waves.   

Aggies' Pastoral Worker on Charity speed march with Royal Marines

Aggies Pastoral Worker, Christian Hill (far right) with Royal Marines

Aggies Pastoral Worker, Christian Hill (far right) with Royal Marines

Aggies' Pastoral Worker, Christian Hill has undertaken the South Devon 'yomp' with 1 Assault Group and 30 Commando.  Based in Plymouth the marines aim to complete 1,664 miles in 100 days to raise money for their 1664 charity.   1664 miles in 100 days works out at just under 17 miles every day. Christian joined the team on 8 miles of their 'yomp' on their eighteenth day.

Having completed the 8 miles set by two Royal Marine 'runners' Christian said "it was a great opportunity to 'hang out' with the lads and completing the 8 miles was tough going but  a real achievement as I think I might be a bit older than them and I am certainly not a runner"

For more information on this story


Events keep families connected

Last week the Aggie's Pastoral Workers (Lesley Balaj and Seonid Cunningham) at RM Condor held a Family BBQ in the Haven. Here's what Lesley had to say about this aspect of pastoral work.

"At the BBQ, the kids enjoyed playing together, the adults enjoyed chatting and everybody enjoyed the food. These events really help me, as an Aggies Pastoral Worker, to develop relationships so that at difficult times people will know that when they need a friendly face and a listening ear they can find one in me. The families often arrive as acquaintances but leave as friends. They develop good support networks and become a strong community. All this while having fun together"

For more details on our the Aggies Pastoral team support serving sailors and their families in your area, keep an eye on the Aggies Facebook Page.

Champions Holiday Club is back.

The highly popular Aggies Champions Holiday club returns, to St Mary's Rowner, this half term holiday.

From 1000hrs - 1200hrs daily, Tuesday 30th May to Thursday 1st June, the holiday club will offer 4-11 year olds an exciting programme of craft and activities, with each day being themed differently to add to the excitement of the day.

Numbers are strictly limited and offered on a first come first served basis.  Anybody wishing to book a place on the holiday club should call the Champions team on 07980 026306.

Aggies's Storybook Waves celebrates new funding from RNRMC

A generous grant from the RNRMC has helped to fund Storybook Waves.


Thanks to a generous grant from the RNRMC, the Aggies’ Storybook Waves project will be able to continue providing Serving Personnel with opportunity to record bedtime stories for their children to listen to whilst they are away.


The grant will partly fund the work of Project Manager, Kathryn Hearn, who is based in Portsmouth but co-ordinates the project at shore-side establishments across the UK and deployed kit worldwide. 


Kathryn said: ‘Storybook Waves helps serving parents maintain the vital link to their children whilst they are away from home. The bedtime stories can help with separation anxiety and often gives the parent who is at home a short break in the day. The grant that we have received from the RNRMC will ensure that we can continue to provide ths vital service free of charge to personnel, both regular and reservist and their families’.




“I don’t tend to use Facetime as they don’t really understand that I’m not there with them and we don’t have the bandwidth at sea. I also find it easier to mentally separate myself, so it’s really good that I have the opportunity to speak to them through a story they can connect with. They can listen to it whenever they feel sad or frustrated and it calms them down and helps them to cope with the separation.”


“I have recorded a Storybook for my son, and he listens to the current CD most nights at bedtime. It makes such a difference hearing Daddy’s voice every night. Since the latest CD arrived, he has been more chatty when I Skype, whereas before he would usually shy away.”

Royal Navy wife:

“I underestimated how amazing this wonderful service would be. The smiles on my children's faces when they heard their daddy were beautiful and I can't thank you enough for providing us with the fabulous books, recordings, activity charts and tiny medals. Thank you.”

Story Book Waves - an Aggies' Project

Storybook Waves is one of the practical projects that Aggie Weston's offers to sailors of the RN and RM (regular and reservist) and their families.

The service is based within the Chaplaincy, usually within the Haven and it is run by Aggie's Pastoral Workers.

Recording a story is a simple process, firstly you need to contact your local Aggie's Pastoral Worker (PW) to arrange a time to record a story. When you meet with the PW, you will be given a log sheet to complete (which are just all the details of the story, the child who is receiving the story and the address it needs to be sent to), after this you will have some time to select the book that you want to read to your child.

Then you read the story into a recorder, don’t worry if you make a mistake, our team of volunteer editors will edit those out for you. Just don’t forget; read as you would at home to your child, turn off your mobile phone, stop reading when you turn the page (we can’t edit out page turns if you are still reading) and ENJOY!   You can start and finish your story with a personal message for your child.

Once the story is recorded it is sent to Project Manager, Kathryn, at Storybook HQ and distributed to one of our Volunteer Editors for editing and return to HQ.

When the Story is sent back, the story is checked, put onto CD and your child’s pack is put together ready for posting.  From receipt of audio in storybook HQ to the day we send out the CD should be a maximum of 6 weeks.

If you would like to record a story or if you have any questions on the project please email

Breakfast at the Crossley Centre

Every Monday from 24th April you can enjoy a light breakfast at the Crossley Centre with the Aggies Team. 

Breakfast will be served from 0900hrs to 1115hrs. 

More information is available from the Aggies Team on 07980 026 306

Welcome to Scotland

Since the closure of Braeholm, Aggie’s has been working with the executive Team at HMNB Clyde and the local Chaplaincy, to figure out how we will continue to help the local naval community. We are pleased to launch our newest project, ‘Welcome to Scotland’.

‘Welcome to Scotland’ is a project that provides support and advice for families who are deciding to relocate to Scotland after the serving member has been assigned to the area. We will provide a free two night stay in Bed and Breakfast accommodation in the Helensburgh area for an RN or RM family; if the serving member of the family has been assigned to HMNB Clyde.

To find out more information, or to sign up, follow the link below.