HMS Defender - Families Day

Storybook Waves Project Manager Kathryn Hearn and Aggie’s Pastoral Worker Tracey Harvey on Board HMS defender.

On Thursday 8 September Storybook Waves Project Manager Kathryn Hearn and Aggie’s Pastoral Worker Tracey Harvey were invited on board HMS Defender to join families and the ship’s company at their families day.

Kathryn and Tracey spent the day chatting to families about Aggie’s work, including Stroybook Waves and how families can meet up with Pastoral Workers whilst their loved one is away.

The day was finished with a cheque presentation from the WO and SROs mess. Thank you to all the mess members that made a donation.

Summer Walks

Aggies’s Pastoral Worker Tom Lloyd loves living in Cornwall!

Since joining the Chaplaincy team at RNAS Culdrose Tom has worked tirelessly to get to know the squadrons across the base as well as their families within the Culdrose Community Centre.

Tom joined the chaplaincy walks and now, along with serving personnel from across the base enjoys the beautiful Cornish Coastline each week.

If you would like to join the Chaplaincy Walks, please pop into the Cyber Café at RNAS Culdrose and chat to Tom who will tell you all about how you can get involved with that and other Aggies activities.

Summer Fun at the Ark

The Ark is a practical project support by Aggie Weston’s. Based in Plymouth Zoe and Jenn are out and about across the summer supporting military Families.

The team recently took part in the Elmer trail - finding lots of Elmer Elephants out and about. After the trail the children got together and did Elmer themed craft.

The Ark is running sessions across the summer. For more information on The Ark, Click Here

Royal Marine's Military Children's concert


Great Fun was had by all, including our very own Kathy, Pastoral Worker at HMS Collingwood, at the RM Military Children’s Band concert.

Kathy was available in the Millennium Hall to chat to families about the work of Aggie’s - from Pastoral Support, Practical Activities and Storybook Waves.

For more information on the services we offer please see

HMNB Portsmouth Families Day

Aggies Pastoral Workers, Emma Barfoot, Tracey Harvey and Alex Watts were at the HMNB Portsmouth Families Day on Saturday.

With expected visitor numbers to exceed 6,000 Aggies staff were on hand with a calm and cooling baby and breastfeeding area; a paradise of tranquillity for families who had queued for sometime to get into the very popular event.

The HMNB Portsmouth and HMS Nelson team will be back next year.

Pastoral Workers Make donation.

Glynn Hughes and Kathy Smith

Glynn Hughes and Kathy Smith

Aggies Pastoral Workers Glynn Hughes and Kathy Smith made a donation of £210 towards helping extend the memorial garden at HMS Collingwood.

The £210 was raised at the ever popular Aggies Bacon Butty morning, which is held in the Collilngwood Chaplaincy every Tuesday morning.

Mark Joins the PW Team at HMS Raleigh


The team at HMS Raleigh has been bolstered by the arrival of a new Pastoral Worker, Mark Kerridge.

A former Headteacher and member of the congregation at St Margaret Mary’s PC Church, Plymstock, Mark is excited to have joined the Aggie’s team and is looking forward to working with the trainees at Raleigh.

Mark says:
I was born in Portsmouth and I have been a life-long Pompey supporter for as long as I can remember.  Following your ‘local’ team can be quite a challenge and there have been many highs and lows over the last forty years.

I left school after ‘A’ Levels and worked in a bank for a year before working at GEC Marconi for four years.   Thinking back to this time, I realise now that I was never going to be happy working in industry.  But, my life changed dramatically following what I thought was going to be a quick ‘chat’ with our Parish Priest who had just returned from missionary work in Cameroon.  This conversation ultimately led me to commence training to be a Catholic Priest.  I spent two years in a seminary and these were transforming years because although I did not become a priest, it did open up a pathway to following a different vocation, that of teaching.  I went to University at the tender age of 25 (and was the third oldest student at the College when I started!!).  I met my wife at University and we have four ‘grown up’ children. 

I have been lucky to have worked for almost thirty years in a role that is, for me at least, vocational.  As a teacher, and later as a Headmaster, I have worked in London, Milton Keynes, Corby, Hinckley, and Lincoln before moving to Plymouth.  I took early retirement in 2017 and have had several zero-hour jobs since.  However, when I saw the post of Pastoral Worker advertised in our local church, I was immediately ‘won’ over by the emphasis on vocation.

New Pastoral Worker at HMS Nelson

20190604 P Jackson Photo.jpg

Paul Jackson, Aggie’s Pastoral Worker HMS Nelson

Paul Jackson has recently joined the Pastoral Worker team based at HMS Nelson.  Paul spent 36 years in the Royal Navy, most recently heading up the Portsmouth Divisional Support Group.  He has seen at first hand the impact that Aggies has in the naval community and is now looking forward to making his own contribution to that work.

Paul joins us with wealth of experience of the Royal Navy.

Paul, who had been a Sea Cadet at the Gloucester unit, joined the Royal Navy in 1983. On completion of his initial training at HMS Raleigh, he trained at HMS Collingwood in Fareham as a Weapons Engineering Mechanic, Ordnance. His first assignment was the Fleet Maintenance Base, HMS Defiance in Devonport, before joining the frigate HMS Broadsword. 

Following Leading Hands course in 1985 he served on frigate HMS Beaver and in 1989 he was promoted to Petty Officer. After spells at the Portland Naval Base maintenance facility and HMS Cambridge, Gunnery School in Devon, he joined frigate HMS Cumberland as Sea Wolf Launcher System Engineer in 1990.

From 1992 he worked at HMS Centurion in Gosport as a Career Manager and from 1994 he served in Hong Kong as the Weapon Engineering Officer of the patrol boat HMS Plover.  He was promoted to Chief in 1995 and returned to the UK to join the type 42 destroyer HMS York as Department Coordinator (DEPCO).  His next position was as Officer Of the Day on the Fleet Flag ship HMS Victory in 1998.  Following this he joined HMS Glasgow in 2000 as DEPCO and during this period he spent time in London as a fire fighter during the firemen’s strike.  Subsequently he joined the Water Front Office in Portsmouth as the type 42 desk manager. He joined Flag Officer Sea Training as a “wrecker” in 2004 . In 2006 he returned to Career Management at Fleet HQ on Whale Island, before joining BRNC Dartmouth as a Sea Training Instructor for young Officers in 2009, sending time on-board HMS Ocean and Illustrious.  Then at short notice he was reassigned to HMS Ark Royal as DEPCO and on its sudden demise, returned to Fleet HQ again as Career Manager in 2011.

On promotion to Warrant Officer First Class, he joined the staff of HQ Defence College of Technical Training based at HMS Sultan in 2013, as HQ WO.  In 2015 he was appointed Officer Commanding Naval Engineering Falkland Island(NEFI) and acted as Senior Naval Warrant Officer Falklands. From 2016 he took up his position as COMPORFLOT Executive Warrant Officer and then his final position was leading the Divisional Support Group in Portsmouth. 

With a passion for Great War history and the Royal Naval Division, Paul spends time each year walking historic battle fields. He is also an advanced RYA power and Safety boat Coxn, as well as holding RYA sailing qualifications.  He has been a Committee Member of the Gosport Sea Cadets.  Paul is married and lives in Hampshire with his wife Stephanie.