Where To Find Us

Our Pastoral Workers are based in and around various Royal Navy and Royal Marines establishments in the UK. We are currently providing pastoral care in in the following areas: 

Churchill Estate Helensburgh 

HMNB Clyde is the Royal Navy’s main presence in Scotland.  Jenny Rowe and Sam Davies are based in the Cosy Coffee House on the Churchill Married Quarters.

RM Condor, Arbroath

Home to 45 Commando; Arbroath is Aggie’s Northerly outpost where pastoral workers Seonid Cunningham and Sue Christian run the Haven lounge at the Chaplaincy.

HMMB Rosyth

HMNB Rosyth is the home of the new aircraft carrier, the Prince of Wales. Whilst the carrier is being built Aggie’s pastoral work, Jim McRae, is working with serving personnel and families based in the area from the RNRM Welfare community house in Rosyth.

RNAS Yeovilton

RNAS Yeovilton is one of the Navy’s two principal air bases. Aggie’s pastoral workers Hilary Knight and Alan Richardson manage the popular Sanctuary Lounge and engage with families across several married quarters areas.

HMS Collingwood

Pastoral Workers Glyn Hughes and Kathy Smith are based at HMS Collingwood, the Royal Navy’s largest training establishment. From their base in the Haven they offer support, and activities for trainees on a wide range of courses, and host the Chaplaincy Coffee Bar.

HMS Sultan

HMS Sultan is the home of the Defence School of Marine Engineering and the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School. Our pastoral workers Becky Baird and Steve Hewlett provide activities and a listening ear to staff and trainees.

HMS Nelson & HMNB Portsmouth

The Haven in HMS Nelson Chaplaincy and the Waterfront Haven are popular places of relaxation and refreshment in the busy dockyard. Aggie’s Pastoral Workers Emma Barfoot, Tracey Harvey and Paul Jackson manage the Havens and other projects.

HMNB Devonport - HMS Drake, RM Stonehouse, RM Bickleigh

Aggies Jeanne Reid, and Simon Thomas are on hand to offer support, and events at HMS Drake, and also man the Haven at the Chaplaincy. Also based at Devonport, we have Ian Taylor, a listen ear at Stonehouse, and Brian Green at RM Bickleigh. 

RNAS Culdrose

Our pastoral worker at RNAS Culdrose, Tom Lloyd and volunteer pastoral worker Brian Honey-Morgan manage the popular Cyber Café, providing pastoral support to serving personnel and their families.

CTCRM Lympstone

CTCRM at Lympstone in Devon selects and trains all Royal Marines Officers, recruits and reserves. The Rock Café in the Chaplaincy complex, is the base for a team of three Aggie’s Pastoral Workers, Vicky Plastow, Zena Woodley and Abi Tokens.

RM Bickleigh

RM Bickleigh near Plymouth is home to 42 Commando. The Brigade is looked after by Aggie’s pastoral worker Brian Green and volunteer pastoral worker Chris Philips.

RM Poole

Pastoral worker Nicola Goudie works with Royal Marines and their families in and around RM Poole.

HMS Raleigh

The Phase 1 training establishment at HMS Raleigh is looked after by Aggie’s pastoral workers Brian Green and Mark Kerridge.

Contact your local Aggie Weston’s Pastoral Worker for more information.

Contact your local Aggie Weston’s Pastoral Worker for more information.