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Aggie Weston died 100 years ago, but her work to support the sailors and marines of the naval service has continued unbroken until today. Even when the Sailor’s Rests in both Plymouth and Portsmouth were devastated during the Blitz, the work was up and running from temporary accommodation the next day. That is the model for commitment which our staff try to live up to every day. But this work would not be possible without the support of our friends and supporters. If the work of Aggie Weston’s has touched you, or your family, in some way and you would like to help us to keep the work going for another 100 years, then please consider remembering Aggie Weston’s in your Will.

It is not hard to make a Will it just requires a little thought and guidance, but many people ignore the inevitable and put it off until it is too late. Without a Will your estate may not be distributed in the way that you expected. This is not in the interests of your family and friends, and can even lead to dispute and upset when you are not there to clarify your wishes. So, why not seize the moment to make sure that you loved ones are cared for, and perhaps set something aside for the sailors and marines of future generations at the same time. Times may change, but the need to demonstrate God’s love to sailors and marines will never go away.

Aggie Weston’s has partnered with “Remember a Charity” to make writing a Will easy and not too costly. Through this arrangement Aggie Weston’s supporters can benefit from a 20% discount Will-writing offer with Co-op Legal Services.

Co-op Legal Services allow you to start your Will on line ( ) or over the telephone. The initial conversation takes about 10 minutes, during this time Co-op representative will explain how a Will protects you, your loved ones and your estate, as well as discussing the option of leaving a gift to a charity (like Aggie Weston’s) in your will.

If you then decide to write your Will with Co-op Legal Services, they will arrange a convenient time for a Will writing specialist to take instruction over the phone from the comfort of your home. This will take around 45 minutes. They will also store your completed Will for free until it is needed.

The Co-operative Legal Services are offering to write a basic single Will at a 20% discount which will cost from £99 plus VAT and represents a saving of £30 per single Will.  To contact a Wills specialist, call on 0330 606 9578 and quote RACWILLS01

Of course you might want to use a local solicitor or Will writer – you will find a list of approved professional advisors here:

If you have already made a Will but would like to change it to include a gift for Aggie Weston’s then you can make an additional statement. This is called a codicil which is the legal mechanism for amending the terms of an existing Will – you don’t need to change the whole thing.  Please do consult a solicitor before making any substantial changes to an existing Will – and do not try to amend your existing will by writing on it – this will normally render your will invalid.

If you would like to speak to someone at Aggie Weston’s about leaving a gift or legacy in your will, then please call 02392 650505 and ask to speak to Mandy  – our Financial Director