HMS Sultan


Steve Howlett - Pastoral Worker

Steve has worked for Aggie's for 6 years working with Serving Families in the community and behind the wire in partnership with the fantastic Chaplaincy team in Sultan. Steve is ex Army (don't hold that against him), He is a husband and Father and a loyal friend, he has been a Christian for 35 years and is a leader at a local church, in this time he has learned to keep it simple and keep his focus on Jesus. He brings these skills into his job at Sultan and is always willing to listen to and serve others to his best ability.

He loves Rugby especially Army vs Navy and football as well as other sports and is always up for a chat about them with the serving personnel at Sultan. And enjoys chatting to RN Parents and playing games with the children on a Monday morning drop in at the Crossley centre with our Aggie's community team.


Becky Baird - Pastoral Worker

Becky Started as a customer and volunteer in the royal sailors rest in Rowner and has worked at Aggie's since 2013 she spent 3 years working with the naval community outside the wire and now works with the Chaplaincy Team in Sultan and is enthusiastic and passionate about her job.

She is a Mum of two and has been married for 20 years to Hugh who is ex Navy and has the unique view of having been a child in a Naval family and a Naval wife and understands the pressures surrounding a Naval family day to day, she has a good sense of humor and is not easily shocked Becky is a Christian and a leader at a local church and has a heart for Hospitality, serving and building others up she loves to cook and bake which is good as we all know the way to a sailors heart is through his stomach.

She uses all of the above skills in her role in Sultan weather making Bacon butties on a Tuesday, fixing the pool table, serving tuck or being a listening ear to anyone who needs it which she feels is hear most important role.

She is proud to be part of a Charity who makes a positive difference in the lives of Naval Families.